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Default تحميل كاسبر سكاى Kaspersky Pure 2012 - تنزيل احدث اصدار من برنامج كاسبر 2012

احدث اصدار من عملاق الحماية كاسبر سكاى Kaspersky Pure 2011
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تحميل كاسبر سكاى Kaspersky Pure

حجم البرنامج 119 ميجا بايت

Kaspersky Pure gives you much more than just antivirus software. It’s everything you need to protect all the most important assets in your digital life: your computer, your online accounts, your most valuable data… even your family. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing your digital life is safe, your PC is in tip-top condition, your most valuable information is secure and your family is protected.

Key Benefits :

FIGHT digital pollution
Kaspersky Pure fights viruses, malware, spyware, spam and more without getting in the way of your applications or your online experience. Its security tools can erase data trails, so hackers can’t follow you online.

KEEP your stuff safe
Protect your precious photos, videos, documents and music from being lost, stolen or corrupted. Advanced backup tools and encryption technology mean total control over who shares your personal data and valuable digital assets.

PROTECT your digital identity
Kaspersky Pure has the tools you need to protect your digital identity. It includes the latest anti-phishing technology, secure password management, virtual keyboard and more… for peace of mind whenever you’re online.

ENSURE your family’s online safety
Kaspersky Pure puts you in complete control of who can use your PCs, what they can do, and when they can do it, online or off. Detailed reporting systems mean you stay informed and your family stays safe. You can even monitor and limit what your kids are doing on social networks.

CENTRALIZE security management
Check your network security status, download updates and start scans and backups from anywhere on your home network, anytime with Home Network Control.

PROTECT everything at once
Kaspersky Pure is a simple, manageable way to protect your PCs, your valuable digital assets, your network and your family. It’s a one-stop shop for computer security, even if you’re no computer expert.

Main Features :

Kaspersky Pure is the easy way to keep your PC safe and in tip-top condition. It’s designed with the home user in mind, combining simple installation and management with advanced features and functionality, and exceptional protection for everyone.

Kaspersky Pure builds on the tried and trusted security functions of Kaspersky Internet Security, adding a host of new and updated features :

• Malware and Spam protection including new enhanced detection and sandbox technologies for strengthened safety.
• Centralized Management of tasks, reports, updates and more from any PC on your network
• Enhanced Password Protection creates, encrypts and stores logins and auto-complete forms. The inbuilt virtual keyboard keeps you safe from key logging malware. You can even carry your passwords securely on a USB stick.
• Advanced Parental Control protects your family with unique features to monitor your kids’ Internet access, PC and application use and communications… including social networks.
• File Shredder uses multi-pass technology to make deleted data unrestorable, even with sophisticated data recovery software and tools.
• Data Backup & Restore keeps your valuable data and files safe from disaster and keeps you in control.
• Data Encryption maximizes security. Create, store and transfer data with password protection and encryption, so you can control exactly who can access your files.

Product name : Kaspersky Pure
Release Year : 2011
OS Platform : Win 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language : English
Treatment : Complete
Medicine : Present
File Size : 119 Mb

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