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Default Names 2013 - Names 2012 - Names 2014

Names 2013 - Names 2012 - Names 2014
Names 2013 Names 2012 Names
Top Destination Baby Names 2013
Baby Names after a specific city, state or country have become a hot baby name trend, especially among celebrities. Alicia Keys named her son Egypt, reportedly after she fell in love with the country during a visit. Cairo would also be a cool baby boy name. British Prime Minister David Cameron named his daughter Florence – after Florence, Italy, perhaps? Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman named her baby girl India, while actor Neal McDonough named his daughter London. Victoria and David Beckham named their son Brooklyn, reportedly after they found out they were pregnant with him while in New York.
One of our favorite celebrity girl Names is Aviana, the name of actress Amy Adams 7-month-old daughter. The actress named her daughter after her birthplace of Aviano, Italy.
Top Old Fashioned Baby Names 2013
Old fashioned or classic baby Names were popular in 2010, and will continue to top the charts in 2013. Emmett, Silas, Beckett, Liam, Carter, Levi and Oliver were some of the boy Names that made the biggest jump on the popular baby name lists of 2010. For girls, Arabella, Adalyn, Alice, Eliza and Eleanor all made huge jumps on the charts. Celebrities also jumped on the old fashioned baby name bandwagon, with Names like Mae (Bachelorette Jen Schefft), Genevieve (Racer Jimmie Johnson), Grace (Actor Mark Wahlberg), Louis (Actress Sandra Bullock), Abel (actress Amy Poehler), and Nelson & Eddy (twin sons of Celine Dion).
Unique Name Spellings 2013
Instead of coming up with unique or unusual names, many of today’s parents are taking traditional Names and coming up with unique spellings. For instance, American Idol alum Bo Bice named his son Ean, instead of the traditional spelling of Ian. Designer Stella McCartney named her daughter Reiley – changing up the spelling of the name that is traditionally spelled Riley. Singer Joey Fatone went with the “K” name trending (thanks to the Kardashians?) and named his daughter Kloey, instead of the traditional Chloe.
One word of caution: Even though these Names look cool on paper, think about your child having to spell his or her name over and over again for people who are used to the traditional spelling of the name. A different or unique spelling can be a great idea, as long as the spelling isn’t too far out there.
Top One Syllable Names or Short Names 2013
One syllable or short Names have a modern and hip sound to them. They sound good with long or short names, they are easy to spell and you don’t have to worry about a strange nickname since they are already in a shortened state. The name Jax, for example, is quickly moving up the baby name charts, as is Colt, Sage and Zane. Reality star Bethenny Frankel named her daughter Bryn, while actress Jessica Capshaw named her daughter Eve August and Gary Busey named his son Luke.

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