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Default سيارت جديده روعه 2012 - صور اجمل سيارات 2012 يوتيوب

سيارت جديده روعه 2012 - صور اجمل سيارات 2012 يوتيوب

سيارت جديده روعه 2012 اجمل

Jaguar, undoubtedly, becomes one part that has also been down as the other automotive market sales. Their excellent line up does not bring any significance difference in some previous years. Nevertheless, the disaster will soon end up with the new Jaguar vehicle for 2011, presenting a brand new interior and exterior appearance.

The 2011 Jaguar XJ is the one that will present difference in the market of luxury car with the 20 inch rims, four-door, and outstanding V8 engine.

Alteration and extension has been made to its glass line, added with the sloping down rear part suitable with the trunk. The lower roof appears as if the Jaguar XJ has been sliced, presenting the complete painted side glass with no failure.

People can select from variety of wheel base as well as engine type, for XJ brings 199-inchshorter wheel base, while XJL (L means large) comes with 224-inch wheel base. Only with $72,500, they can have DOHC 5 L V8 motor allowing 385hp and 385lb.ft. of torque. On the other hand, $155.000 will pay the super sport model with 510hp and 461lb.ft. of torque.

A superior suspension system, constantly changing dampeners, and 11% improvement in the **** strength adjust well in this 4,000 pounds car (which is a considerably light in the world of luxury car). This leads the XJ to the comparable performance to many smaller sized cars.

With such easiness in revving 0 – 60mph in 4.4 seconds and zooming by the quarter mile in 12.7, Jaguar XJ will make even the drag-bruisers Mustang GT or Camaro SS hard to see its tail. The smaller engine comes with 16/23 city/highway MPG and 15/21 MPG for the 510hp. The electronic control rear differential is installed to down the power. The cockpit shows finest and perfect comfort with leathered seats, wooden rims, and abundant cornucopia. A pristine sound system will accompany all of your driving. This 2011 Jaguar XJ is a perfect choice for those who like to be elegant and fast at the same time.

jaguar xj

jaguar xj pictures
سيارت جديده روعه 2012 اجمل
jaguar xj
سيارت جديده روعه 2012 اجمل
jaguar xj
سيارت جديده روعه 2012 اجمل
jaguar xj wallpapers
سيارت جديده روعه 2012 اجمل

الموضوع الأساسي: سيارت جديده وروعه 2013
المصدر: منتدى منتديات أبجديات ذوق

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